A Trip To The Bookstore! : )

Happy weekend everyone!!! ❤
Today, I thought I would do a little ” Trip To The Bookstore ” kind of post and just show you guys through photos a glimpse of how the bookstore here in Singapore looks like! 🙂
My friend Enqi from EnqiReads and I went to Kinokuniya @ Takashimaya a couple of weeks ago and we of coursed went straight to the Young Adult section which is what I’ll be showing you guys today! This Kinokuniya branch is the largest one in Singapore and I’ll leave the address below if any of you guys are visiting Singapore and want to check it out 🙂 So without further ado, let’s get started!
Kinokuniya @ Takashimaya 
391 Orchard Road
#04-20/20A/20B/20C/21, Ngee Ann City
Takashimaya Shopping Centre
IMG_8989.PNG    IMG_8986.PNG
So here is a glimpse of the Young Adult section!!! It’s really big and there are so many shelves of books, you’ll be in a book heaven ❤
When you walk into the section, you will also see this table full of books! Sometimes you can find the newer releases on this table but usually they just have ranndom but well known titles on it.
  IMG_8991.PNG    IMG_8992.PNG
Spotted my favourites!!! I always love seeing all of Sarah J Maas books on the shelf 🙂
Also for all the Cassandra Clare fans, her books are soooo beautiful!
If you guys haven’t read the Falling Kingdoms series, YOU REALLY SHOULD BECAUSE IT’S AMAZING.
IMG_8988.PNG   IMG_8994.PNG
To end of this post, here are two books I spotted that I’ve been meaning to get!
  • The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco 
I’ve literally been eyeing this book since it came out but I’ve been hesitant about buying it because the reviews aren’t that great. If you guys have read it, let me know your thoughts in the comments 🙂
  • Alex & Eliza by Melissa De La Cruz 
I’m pretty sure every Hamilton lover will be drawn to this book!!! The cover is so adorable, I’ll probably get an eBook version of it.
That wraps up my first ” Trip To The Bookstore ” post and I hope you guys enjoyed it!!! I might do more of these if you guys enjoy it so stay tuned for that 🙂 Have a great weekend and I’ll see you in my next post, bye!





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