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{ Book Review } : Our Dark Duet by V.E Schwab

Hi everyone! I recently finished Our Dark Duet by V.E Schwab, the second and final book in the Monsters Of Verity duology, and I HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO STOP THINKING ABOUT IT.
So, I thought I would do a review so that I can blabber all my thoughts out but don’t worry, this review will be spoiler free!!! I also have a review of the first book, This Savage Song, right HERE so feel free to read that too before reading this one. Let’s get started with the review! ❤
Release date : 13 June 2017 
Published by : Greenwillow Books 
Synopsis :
KATE HARKER isn’t afraid of monsters. She hunts them. And she’s good at it.
AUGUST FLYNN once yearned to be human. He has a part to play. And he will play it, no matter the cost.
Kate will have to return to Verity. August will have to let her back in. And a new monster is waiting—one that feeds on chaos and brings out its victims’ inner demons.
Which will be harder to conquer: the monsters they face, or the monsters within? 
My rating : ♥♥♥♥♥  / ♥♥♥♥♥
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Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 10.01.08 PM.png
Okay so, I’m going to start of by saying that I rarely give books a full 5 stars but Our Dark Duet got a 5 star rating from me because I seriously loved it so much. I actually didn’t have much high expectations going into the book because I saw quite a few reviews saying that Our Dark Duet wasn’t as good as This Savage Song but I was pleasantly surprised because I enjoyed it more than the first! 🙂
For the storyline, I felt that it was more intense than This Savage Song and it was wyyyy darker as well, but in a good way. There were so many intense action packed scenes that will just leave you at the edge of your seat and it’s overall a super emotional rollercoaster. I seriously wish I could talk to you guys about the ending of the novel because IT WAS CRAZY but I can’t since it’s a spoiler free review 😦 So I’m just going to say that overall, the duology wrapped up really well and I’m satisfied with the way it ended!
The writing style was also as lyrical and beautiful as the first book and I really liked it. As for the characters, they’re as awesome as I remembered them to be and I enjoyed how we got to see more development of some of the characters in the second novel!
Overall, even though I’m sad that this duology has ended, Our Dark Duet was a really great conclusion and you should definitely go pick up this book or even the whole duology if you haven’t read it yet ❤
That’s all for my review and I hope you guys enjoyed it! If you’ve read the duology, feel free to comment your thoughts as I would love to hear what you thought of it 🙂 Thank you for reading and I’ll see you in my next post, bye!img_6579

One thought on “{ Book Review } : Our Dark Duet by V.E Schwab

  1. I still need to read this duology. I own This Savage Song, but I think I’m going to buy Our Dark Duet before I start reading because I have a feeling that I’ll just want to marathon read both of them.


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