Authors I Would Give A Second Chance To! :)

Happy weekend everyone! My exams are finally over which means I’ll have more time now to blog WOOHOO 🙂
Today I’m going to be talking about some authors that I would give a second chance to. This means that even though I may not have enjoyed previous books they’ve written, I wouldn’t mind giving them another shot and reading a future book of theirs that they  publish. I’ve narrowed it down to five authors so let’s get started!
1. Stephanie Garber 
I read Stephanie’s debut novel, Caraval, back in March and unfortunately I didn’t enjoy it as much as others but I do still want to give her future novels a chance because her writing style was actually really beautiful and I loved the world building in the story!
2. Marie Lu
I’ve read the Legend trilogy and The Young Elites by Marie Lu and I did enjoy both of them but not to the extent where they became my new favourite books or anything. However, she has a new book called Warcross coming out and I think I might give that a try and see how it is 🙂
3. Victoria Aveyard
Victoria Aveyard is the author of the Red Queen series which I’ve only read the first books of and I totally gave up on the series after because I couldn’t stand the main character and I just became uninterested in the overall premise. But one thing I like about Victoria is that she’s able to write crazy plot twists, especially the one in Red Queen and I think that’ll push me to give her another chance in the future!
4. S. Jae-Jones
S. Jae-Jones’ debut novel, Wintersong, came out in February and it was one of those books that disappointment me so much because I really thought that I would enjoy it!!! 😦 I’m still going to give her future books another chance because similarly to Stephanie Garber, I also love her writing style and the worlds she create.
5. Tahereh Mafi 
Lastly, we have Tahereh Mafi! Her books are very well loved by many, especially the Shatter Me series, but I ended up DNF’ing the trilogy. I still have her other novel Furthermore on my shelf so I’ll definitely be giving that a try soon!
Those are all the authors that I would give a second chance to and I hope you enjoyed this post! Hope you all have a lovely weekend too and I’ll see you in my next post, bye! ❤



2 thoughts on “Authors I Would Give A Second Chance To! :)

  1. I 100% feel the same way as you about Stephanie and S Jae. Jones. I didn’t love either of their debuts but really enjoyed their writing!!! Awesome post!


  2. I just got a copy of Warcross at BookExpo this past week. I couldn’t really get into the Legend trilogy, but I liked what I’ve read of The Young Elites a bit better. I’m hoping Warcross will be the book that turns me into a fan.

    I’m with you on Victoria Aveyard though. I’m about a third of the way through King’s Cage, and I feel like I’m just reading it in the hopes that it will turn around and be something I really enjoy.

    I still have Caraval and Wintersong on my TBR but I have heard a lot of mixed reviews on both of them. Only time will tell what I think, I guess.

    This is a great post! I enjoyed getting your opinions on these authors. 🙂


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