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It’s Okay If You’re Not A Fast Reader :)

Hi everyone! For today’s post, I wanted to do a little discussion ( sort of ) post and also share a little about my ” reading life “at the moment.
I used to be someone who goes through books very quickly and every month, I would usually finish 8-10 books! However, 2017 has been such a busy year due to school and I find myself barely reading books anymore because I just don’t have the time. Usually I’ll end up just reading 2 or 3 books and sometimes I can’t even get through a book 😦 Because of this, I’ve actually been stressing myself out a lot because my mindset will be ” I really need to try to finish more books because I need to complete my Goodreads reading challenge / I need to have more books in my reading wrap up blogposts. “
I just wanted to say that I feel sometimes in the book community, we’ll feel pressured to read books quickly and have really big wrap-ups etc and honestly, it’s really okay if you’re not a fast reader. If you ever feel the pressure to get through books quickly and stuff, remember that everyone has their own reading pace and what matters most is that you’re taking your time to soak in and enjoy what you’re reading! Reading shouldn’t be a race and that’s something I’m constantly reminding myself 🙂
That’s pretty much all I have for this quick discussion post and I hope you all enjoyed it! If you have anything you would like to say regarding this topic, feel free to leave a comment and we can chat about it there ❤ Thank you for reading and I’ll see you in my next post, bye!



10 thoughts on “It’s Okay If You’re Not A Fast Reader :)

  1. I used to be stressed when I didn’t reach my reading goal for every month. But then … reading should not be a task. That’s why I agree with you that it’s okay if you’re not a fast reader or if you can just read one book per month. 🙂 Though it will certainly feel better if we could just tear down our TBR list by half.

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  2. I must say thanks for your encouraging thoughts. indeed i am a slow reader and i should keep in mind that does not matter how fast others are reading just because i am enjoying every single word that i read in my own pace. 👍👍

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  3. Exactly! You don’t have to read as quickly or as prolifically as other readers. Considering how many people there are in the world who don’t even read one book a year, it’s impressive to read even just one book a month. I know I’ve had slow reading months where I only read 2-4 books, but I had one month last year where I read 31 books. Sometimes we are just in a mood to read and have no real social life or anything. Other times life gets in the way, and it’s okay. Each reader just has to find the balance that works for them.

    But I can say that I’m feeling the pressure to have a big wrap up this month, but that’s mostly because BEA and BookCon are coming and I’d really like to avoid new release spoilers if at all possible, so I’m trying to binge read as many as I can before May 31st.

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  4. Your so right! I usually like to take my time reading books I tend to read short books but it will still take me a few days to finish them, and then I take breaks in between books. I would rather read just a few books that get a lot from then read a ton but too fast to remember them in a few weeks and not get much from them overall.

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  5. Love this short discussion post! I, myself, am not a fast reader and I’d always get pressured by those who can finish 5 or so books in a week when I can barely finish one! But then I’d always tell myself that the more important thing is that I’m immersing myself in a booka nd I’m enjoying the whole experience 🙂

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