Last January, I randomly decide to start a little blog on Tumblr where I post fun bookish content. On 25th of April 2016, I switched to a WordPress blog and decided to make my new blog permanent and thus… this blog was born! 🙂
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BLOG WOOHOO!!! I honestly can’t believe it’s been one year since I started this blog, it’s so surreal and time has flew by so quickly. I mainly started my blog because firstly, I’ve always loved writing. Secondly, I loved books but I was never really able to talk about it with anyone but after discovering the book-blogging community, I thought this would be a great space to just share my love for reading ❤
My blog has definitely come a long way from when it first started and it’s been such an amazing experience. I’m so thankful for all 267 of you who are following and thank you so much for the support and for leaving such nice comments that never fail to make my day! I really hope that you all will continue to enjoy the content that I upload and yes, thank you again for all the love and support. Here’s to my first blog-anniversary and more to come!!! 😀



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