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Hey everyone, happy weekend!
I thought it would be nice to take a little break from talking about books on this platform and share with you all some other things that I love and what better way to do that than to do the ” Anything But Books ” ?! This tag seems super fun and I’m really excited to finally be doing it. Let’s get started with the questions 🙂
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I really love Totally Spies & Ben 10, because I grew up with those cartoons! I also really enjoy Fairly Odd Parents and Adventure Time 🙂
I have loads of favourite songs right now so if you’re interested in checking out my April ’17 playlist on Spotify which consists of the songs I’ve been loving this month, you can click the link HERE  !
Binge watch Youtube videos / TV shows. I finished all 3 seasons of Gotham in 2 weeks and I legit didn’t read at all which was so bad!!! I’ve also been addicted to playing Mobile Legends on my phone which has been distracting me from reading.
Hmm… I love doing makeup! Not sure if that will come as a surprise though 🙂
It’s something that I’ve only recently really gotten into and it just makes me happy!
Honestly, nothing. I can’t think of anything unusual that I know how to do.
I made a scrapbook for my friend’s birthday 🙂 Sadly, I don’t have a photo of it but I’m really happy with the way it turned out!
I’ve recently started a diary / journal and I’ve been consistent in writing an entry for most days. I decided to do this little ” project ” because obviously I love writing and I also want something that I can look back to  a couple of years later.
I often think about my future because it’s something I constantly worry about. I always think about what my future career will be, whether I’ll even have a job, will I still be living in Singapore and all these thoughts make me really anxious but I just can’t seem to stop worrying about it 😦
But, on a more positive note, I think a lot about my family, friends, my boyfriend and even my little baby hamsters too! 🙂 They never fail to pop into my thoughts everyday.
Too many favourite items!!!
PIZZA 🙂 I’m literally always thinking about pizza.
That’s all for this tag and I hope you guys enjoyed! If you’ve done this tag before, feel free to leave the link to the post in the comments, I would love to check it out ❤ Have a great weekend and I’ll see you in my next post, bye!



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