Booktuber Recommendations : Part 4! :)

Hi lovelies, welcome back to another post! I hope you all are exciting for today’s blogpost because it is going to be…. * drumroll *… Booktuber Recommendations Part 4! 😀
This has been an ongoing series on my blog and everyone seems to really enjoy it so I thought I would do another one today. I will also be linking parts 1 to 3 down below if you’re interested in checking those out. Let’s get started ❤
Booktuber Recommendations Part 1 
Booktuber Recommendations Part 2
Booktuber Recommendations Part 3 
1. ProblemsofaBookNerd
Cece was a booktuber that I discovered towards the end of 2016 and she has become one of my all time favourite booktubers! 🙂 She has a very bubbly and fun personality, and she has the best recommendations for diverse and #ownvoices books. Definitely go check out her channel and subscribe to her!
2. A Dash Of Ash
Ashley is also another booktuber that I discovered towards the end of last year and I really enjoy the videos she uploads! We both pretty much have the same taste in books and she has a really great personality!
3. TheBooksBuzz 
Alex is not only a really great booktuber, but she’s also a really nice friend ❤ I got tons of book recommendations from watching her videos and she also has a blog and bookstagram which you should go check out!
4. Heart Full Of Books 
Maddie and Bee are booktubers from the UK and I absolutely love their videos, especially their hauls and wrap ups! They have such great taste in books and I get tons of recommendations from them as well 🙂
5. LifewithEmilyFox
Emily is a fairly new booktuber whom I just discovered recently but she’s also a super bubbly booktuber and her videos are very enjoyable.  Definitely go support her new channel and subscribe to her!
6. The Reading Wallflower
Last but not least, we have Carol! When I first discovered her channel, I literally binge watched all of her videos haha is that weird?! I just thoroughly enjoy her videos and I absolutely love watching her hauls ❤ Go check out her channel!
That wraps up part 4 of my booktuber recommendations series and I really hope you all enjoyed it and got some new recommendations from it ❤ Thank you for reading and I’ll see you in my next post, bye!



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