Most Disappointing Books Of 2016 :(

Hi everyone! 🙂 This blogpost is a little late but I’m here today to share with you guys my most disappointing books of 2016. These books aren’t necessarily 1 or 2 star reads but mostly books whereby I had super high expectations for but they let me down. Also, please don’t feel offended if any of the books listed are your favourites! Let’s get started.


1. Harry Potter and The Cursed Child by J.K Rowling, Jack Thorne & John Tiffany 
The first one is Cursed Child and I’ve seen this book on so many blogger’s / booktuber’s list of disappointing books, and I’m honestly not even surprised. Though it was nice to be back into this world and see all the old characters again, the plot was a let down and the characters were acting really weirdly. This was definitely a major disappointment for many 😦


2. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
Me Before You was a book that was really hyped up and I had such high expectations going into the novel but I found myself not caring much about the characters and the romance didn’t seem to have much chemistry to me.


3. The Love That Split The World by Emily Henry 
The Love That Split The World is probably the only book in this list whereby I gave it one star. I really thought this book was going to be super amazing because the premise sounded really great but it was a major letdown. I do have a full review talking about this book so you can click HERE to check it out if you’re interested!


4. Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard 
Glass Sword is the sequel to Red Queen and I honestly liked the first book way more. It was action-packed but I found myself disconnected from the story and the main character really annoyed me 😦


5. A Book Of Spirits And Thieves by Morgan Rhodes 
This is the prequel to the Falling Kingdoms series and if you’ve been following me for awhile, you would know that I absolutely love the Falling Kingdoms series so I had super high hopes going into this. Unfortunately, it was pretty boring and I didn’t care much about any of the characters 😦 I also have a full review HERE if you’re interested!


6. The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater 
Lastly, we have The Raven Boys which is another very popular and well-loved book! I did give this book a high rating but only because the ending was amazing. The rest of the book was super slow and boring and I found myself super disconnected to the characters.
Those are my most disappointing books of 2016 and I hope you all enjoyed this post! Do let me know in the comments which were your most disappointing books of 2016 as I would love to hear your opinions and we can discuss as well 😀 Have a great week and I’ll see you in my next post, bye!



21 thoughts on “Most Disappointing Books Of 2016 :(

  1. I ended up having to DNF Glass Sword quite early on and that saddened me as I loved Red Queen. I’m also not really sold on the Raven Cycle in general. I did come to like them but I don’t think they deserve all the hype they get.

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      1. Everyone just seems to be obsessed with the characters and I didn’t particularly feel connected to them in any way. I did like the story though – it just didn’t come across as good as everyone says it is.


  2. I also had a bit of difficulty getting into the hype of The Raven Boys. I felt that Blue’s character was less a protagonist, more a plot device. Though the boys themselves were wonderful and the ending satisfying 🙂

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  3. I haven’t read the other books on this list (although admittedly I borrowed The Love That Split the World from the library and never dedicated time to reading it), but I was sorely disappointed by Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. After reading the book late, I expected much more plot and character development, and references to the Harry Potter books. I’ve heard that seeing the play in person offers a more engaging and enjoyable experience, but for now I suppose I’ll have to swallow my discontent with this installation😂.

    claire @ clairefy

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  4. OMG I agree wholeheartedly with the Raven Boys and Glass Sword! I recently read the Dream Thieves and it didn’t get much better except, again for the ending so I guess I’m going to have to continue reading it! If you want more thoughts on my least/ most fave books of 2016 I filmed a video on my YouTube https://youtu.be/CgcdQsMHxhY

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  5. I agree with Glass Sword, but the book trailer for King’s Cage gave me goosebumps, so I’m hopeful that this book will be much better. And yes, Cursed Child was such a disappointment.


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