MY DREAM CRATE | Loot Crate Collaboration

Happy weekend everyone! For today’s blogpost , I’m collaborating with Loot Crate which is really exciting because I’ve been following them for quite awhile now and I absolutely love their subscription boxes 🙂
If you haven’t heard of Loot Crate. it’s a super cool monthly subscription service that provides monthly boxes filled with a bunch of geeky and gaming related items! Their subscription boxes usually have around 4-6 items and they even have boxes that cater to a certain audience such as pets, anime, gaming and clothing. If you are interested in checking out their site, you can click HERE to be directed to it. If you’re looking for a specific crate,  you can also check out the different crate selections <a href="http://HERE !
As for today’s post, I’m going to be sharing with you all what my dream Loot Crate box would be like! The theme for the box would be ” Outer Galaxy Heroes ” and of course, it is inspired by sci-fi
Item #1 : A Saga-inspired poster | Saga is one of my favourite graphic novel series and I’m sure many people love it as well! Since it is also a sci-fi graphic novel, why not include it in the box? 🙂
Item #2 : A full size Guardians Of The Galaxy funky pop | Funko pops are super popular and it’s always a nice addition to a person’s room 🙂 I chose Guardians Of The Galaxy because once again, they are sci-fi themed and they’re also super cute!
Item #3 : Cyborg-inspired socks | I absolutely LOVE these cyborg-inspired socks, like aren’t they just the coolest thing ever?! You can definitely wear them on the go or if you’re going to a sci-fi themed party.
Item #4 : Adventure Time t-shirt | Adventure Time is such an adorable cartoon and this t-shirt I found is SO ADORABLE!!! Adventure Time, pizza and the galaxy = everything I need in life 🙂
Item #5 : A young adult sci-fi novel | As a bookworm, I can’t not include a book in my dream Loot Crate box 😀 I chose two sci-fi novels, Zenith by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings which I’m currently reading and really enjoying, and Flashfall by Jenny Moyer which was recently released!


That is all for today’s blogpost and I hope you all enjoyed it! Thank you again to Loot Crate for reaching out to me, I truly had heaps of fun doing up this blogpost



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