UNBOXING : Book Boyfriend Box!

Hi everyone! This is actually my 100th post on my blog which is crazy and today’s post is going to be really exciting because I’m going to be unboxing the Book Boyfriend Box 🙂 Book Boyfriend Box is a bi-monthly subscription service and every month, you’ll get a recently released YA novel along with some bookish goodies!
The team over at Book Boyfriend Box very kindly sent me their December box to review and I’m very excited to show you all the contents in this month’s box. The theme for December is ” Love Letters ” and it is mostly inspired by Jane Austen. I’ve never read anything by Jane Austen but I still loved all of the contents in the box. Let’s get started! ❤
The first thing in the box is of course, the card that tells you the contents of the box. The card is so beautifully designed and matches the theme of the box so well!
Item #1 : A Pride and Prejudice inspired soap bar from The Macbeth | This bar of soap is lavender scented and made of goat’s milk, and it smells AMAZING. The colours on it are also super pretty and I love how there’s a quote imprinted on it!
Item #2 : A Pride and Prejudice inspired herbal tea blend from First Edition Tea | I’ve heard of their shop and you all should definitely check them out because all their tea blends look great! I don’t drink tea so I’m giving this to my mom but I’m sure it’ll taste great 🙂
Item #3 : A coaster from Favoring Brave on Etsy | This coaster actually has a text from Persuasion printed on it and I love collecting cute coasters so I’m happy to have this in my collection! Also, definitely check out the Etsy shop because apart from coasters, they also sell really great bookish jewelry 🙂
Item #4 : A Captain Wentworth inspired notepad from Drop And Give Me Nerdy | I love getting notepads and this particular one is just so beautiful! I will definitely be using this to write notes or to-do lists 🙂
Item #5 : A Quill Pen | The last bookish item we have is this quill pen which is SO COOL and matches so well with the theme of the box. It’s super nice to write with and I literally feel so professional when I use this pen to write haha!
Lastly, we have the book which I literally screamed when I saw it! The book for this month’s box is We Are Still Tornadoes by Michael Kun and Susan Mullen ❤ This is a contemporary novel and I will link the Goodreads page HERE if you’re interested in what this book is about. Alongside the book, there’s also a signed bookplate, a letter from the authors and a little postcard with a mixtape accompanying the book ( which I find so cool and unique! ).


That is all for my unboxing and I hope you all enjoyed it! If you’re interested in checking out their subscription service, click HERE to be directed to their site 🙂 Their theme for February is ” Out Of This World ” and it will have two full length novels, swag from The Lunar Chronicles and much more so definitely pick up a box for yourself. Thank you for reading and I’ll see you in my next post, bye!



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