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Top 5 Wednesday : Favourite Villains ( 30/11/16 )


Hey everyone, can you believe that today is the last day of November?! This is crazy but I am so excited for December because CHRISTMAS!!! ❤
Also, today’s Wednesday which means it’s time for Top 5 Wednesday 🙂 If you haven’t heard of Top 5 Wednesday, I’ll leave a link to the Goodreads group as well as links to the Youtube channels of the hosts. This week’s topic is Favourite Villains and there might be minor spoilers in this post so read at your own risk. Let’s get started!
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Sam’s channel –
T5W Goodreads group –


1. Eli from Vicious
Eli is my top villain on the list because he is seriously a very intelligent and careful villain. He’s an evil mastermind and though he does terrible things in Vicious, I still really love his character 🙂


2. Queen Levana from The Lunar Chronicles 
Queen Levana is also one of my all time favourite villains! Marissa Meyer did such a great job in creating this character because Levana gives me the chills and she is just so wicked and heartless.


3. Luke Castellan from Percy Jackson & The Olympians
Luke is one of my all time favourite characters actually. I wasn’t expecting him to be one of the villains in the Percy Jackson books but that was mainly because he was possessed by Kronos. He did make a very great villain in the series and I loved seeing how he overcomed the evil as well.


4. King Gaius from Falling Kingdoms
King Gaius would probably win the award for Scariest Villain. He is TERRIFYING and throughout the series I was just wondering, ” How can someone be so evil?! “. He’s probably even more cruel and heartless than Queen Levana, if that’s even possible, and yeah I’m thankful he’s just a fictional character.


( Photo credits : Sebastian/Jonathan Morgenstern Fan Art | Mortal Instruments .org )

5. Sebastian Morgenstern from The Mortal Instruments series 
Lastly, we have Sebastian Morgenstern! I’m sure many people love him as a villain because  he’s so dark and brooding. Sebastian is someone who is broken and that has always made me feel sorry for him 😦 He’s still a great villain nonetheless and I absolutely love his character.
That is all for today’s blogpost and I hope you all enjoyed it! Let me know in the comments who your favourite villains are, be it from books or tv shows, and I’ll see you in my next post 🙂



10 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday : Favourite Villains ( 30/11/16 )

  1. Awesome list! I had Victor Vale on my list this week not because I think he’s the bad guy in “Vicious” (because it most definitely is Eli) but because Victor plays the part of the villain especially in Eli’s eyes. Victor’s definitely a gray character but one of my all time favorites. 🙂

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  2. Omg King Gaius *shudders* I haven’t read a few of the series on your list here but now I’m quaking in my boots knowing that I have more nasties to meet! Gains is definitely one messed up character, though, that’s for sure!


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