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{ Book Review } : Sula’s Voyage by Catherine Torres

Happy Monday everyone, hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I’m back with another book review today and the book I’m going to be reviewing is Sula’s Voyage by Catherine Torres. This was sent to me by the author for review so thank you Catherine for sending it to me 🙂 This is her debut novel and it is the finalist for the Asian Book Award. I really enjoyed this novel and I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you. Let’s get started with the review!
Release Date : 27 May 2016
Published by : Scholastic 
Genres : Young Adult, Contemporary, Fantasy / Magic
Synopsis : 
Fifteen-year-old Sula has always known she is different. Even though her parents have shown her nothing but love and acceptance, she sees her dark skin as a reminder of how she doesn’t fit in with the rest of her family.
What’s worse is she also feels that her parents are hiding something from her. After getting expelled from school, Sula reluctantly goes to stay with her mother’s friends. There she unexpectedly finds herself on a journey of self-discovery — a journey that keeps drawing her to the sea. Sula must not only figure our her parents’ secret, but also just how different, and possibly magical, she really is. 
My Rating : ♥♥♥♥♥ / ♥♥♥♥♥
As mentioned in my #DiverseAThon wrap-up post, this was one of the books I read for it and I absolutely loved it. Starting with the plot, it was very easy to follow because the writing style is really simple and it has a plot where it’s heartbreaking yet magical which makes you never want to put the book down. The pacing of the plot is good and the author takes her time to introduce different events as well as new characters. This novel dealt with topic such as racism and discrimination but I felt that the author handled it really well. We see during the beginning of the novel that the main character, Sula, is always being discriminated by her classmates and she’s always being called a witch. It was definitely heartbreaking to read about such situations because Sula was young but it does represent issues that kids / adults still face in our society nowadays and that is just really important.
Another aspect that I really liked about the novel was the family dynamic. Sula’s parents are always there for her and most of the books I read, their parents are never really present. Thus, it was nice to read a book where the parents are present in the story 🙂 Her parents super supportive and they have a great sense of humour. They really treasure Sula and it gave me such a warm feeling in my heart when reading those chapters with Sula and her parents. I also really enjoyed the friendships that were built during Sula’s stay with her mother’s friends. Though there were some disagreements between some characters, they were able to work it out maturely!
Sula is such a wonderful and interesting main character. Even though she’s so young, she thinks really maturely and she presents herself really well. She’s a very strong person and even though she gets bullied / discriminated in her school, that doesn’t stop her from moving on from the discrimination and remaining bubbly. I just can’t get over how wise and mature she is for someone who is so young and I loved seeing her self discovery journey ❤
Overall, I would highly recommend this book to everyone! It’s such a refreshing yet important read and it definitely opened my eyes to the discrimination that some people face in society. I hope to re-read it some day and do support the author by picking this book up 🙂 Thank you all for reading and I’ll see you in my next post, have a great week!





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