Booktuber Recommendations ( Part 2!! )

Hello everyone, it is time for Booktuber Recommendations Part 2!! ❤
If you guys missed the first post, I did a Booktuber Recommendations post awhile ago and it got really good feedback from those who have read it, so I thought I would do part 2 🙂 Do click HERE if you’re interested in reading Part 1. Also, I HAVE A NEW BLOG THEME WOOHOO!! I’ve been wanting to change my theme for so long and I finally found one that I love, and I hope you all like it 🙂 OKAY LET’S GET STARTED WITH THE RECOMMENDATIONS


1. Whitney from WhittyNovels
WHITNEY HAS SERIOUSLY BECOME ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE BOOKTUBERS OUT THERE ❤ She’s just so funny and down to earth, and her videos never fail to make me laugh 😀


2. Jacqueline from Jbooklover
Jacqueline has such a bright personality and I’m always super excited when I see her video pop up in my subscription box! I especially love her hauls and wrap-ups as I always get such good recommendations from her 🙂


3. Sara from SarahwithoutanH
I only discovered Sara’s channel this year but I absolutely love her videos and her personality, and she influenced me to get Night Film HAHA


4. Hailey from HailHeartsNyc
Hailey has also become one of my all time favourite booktubers! I love all her videos and I always get great recommendations from here because we have similar taste in books 😀 Everyone definitely needs to check out her channel!


5. Monica from shemightbemonica
I absolutely love Monica’s videos!! She’s so adorable and I especially love watching her book hauls and vlogs 🙂


6. Alita from Abookaffair
I discovered Alita’s channel a few months ago but I immediately fell in love with her videos 😀 She has such a bubbly personality and apart from books, she sings really well too ❤

That is all for Booktuber Recommendations Part 2!! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as the first one and do let me know in the comments some of your favourite booktubers you watch 🙂 See you in my next post, bye! ❤

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