An Interview With Roshani Chokshi :)


Hi everyone! Today’s post is really exciting because it is my interview with Roshani Chokshi 😀
Rouhani Chokshi is the author of The Star-Touched Queen, a book about Indian Mythology and horoscopes, and I absolutely fell in love with her book after reading it. Thank you so much Roshani for giving me the opportunity to interview you! If you all are interested in picking up her novel, I’ll leave links to Book Depository and Amazon down below! I also did a review on The Star-Touched Queen so I’ll link it down below too 🙂
Buy it here :
→ Book Depository : http://www.bookdepository.com/The-Star-Touched-Queen/9781250085474
→ Amazon : https://www.amazon.com/Star-Touched-Queen-Roshani-Chokshi/dp/1250085470/ref=tmm_hrd_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=
My review : https://rachaelrexds.wordpress.com/2016/05/14/book-review-the-star-touched-queen-by-roshani-chokshi/
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1) Q: When did you discover your passion for writing? 
A: I’ve loved writing since I was very young. I used to write little stories and give them to my family members 🙂 Writing always seemed like the closest thing to magic because you could bring a new world to life with just words.
2) Q: What / who is the inspiration behind The Star-Touched Queen?
A: My family is the inspiration behind TSTQ. I wanted to write a story that reflected my love of fairytales and also my cultural heritage. On an emotional level, TSTQ was inspired by the character archetypes of Lucifer and the Hades & Persephone myth. In high school, my favorite Paradise Lost quote was “I’d rather reign in hell than serve in heaven.” Our teacher asked us to apply that quote to the myth of Hades & Persephone and it made me really curious about WHO Persephone was. Was it possible that she had more agency than the myth suggested? Did she choose darkness? Why?
3) Q: What were some challenges you faced while writing your novel?
A: I think the biggest challenge was getting over my self-doubt. I wasn’t sure that anyone would be interested in reading a story that had Hindu mythology. But I felt like I had to honor the story that I wanted to tell, so I pushed through those misgivings.
4) Q: How long did it take to figure out your own writing style? The writing style in your novel was just so beautiful and poetic!
A: Figuring out my writing style was a process of trial and error. I still don’t think I’ve nailed it down to a specific flavor, but I think that also depends on what the story demands. My favorite authors (Laini Taylor, Catherynne Valente, Vladimir Nabokov)  are masters of dreamy and thoughtful prose. I used to try and write like them until I realized that it was taking too much time to sound like someone other than myself.
Thank you!
5) Q: Who was your favourite character to write about?
A: My favorite character to write about was Kamala, the flesh-eating demon horse! She was witty and irreverent, and brought a much needed douse of humor in the second-half of the book when things are all kinds of dire!
6) Q: Your book is mainly centralised around curses and horoscopes. Have you always been fascinated by those topics?
A: Always. Growing up, a lot of my Indian relatives and our family friends talked and monitored astrology like it was the stock market. Certain festivals and lunar phases would demand different behavior, so I’ve been steeped in celestial portents for a long time 🙂
7) Q: Which author(s) would you love to collaborate with in the future?
A: I would love to collaborate with Leigh Bardugo, Laini Taylor or Sarah J. Maas! I love their storytelling, fierce female characters and exquisite plotting. I’ve learned so much from the three of them as a reader that I’d feel beyond gleeful to work with them.
8) Q: Is there going to be a sequel for The Star-Touched Queen? ( I really hope there is because I need more of the world and the characters!! 😀 ) 
A: So, while I think I’ve said all I needed to about Maya and Amar, there will be another novel set in the Star-Touched Queen universe coming out next year! It will follow Gauri’s adventures 🙂 I’m really excited about it!
9) Q: Any advice you would like to give to those who would like to one day write and publish their own novel?
A: Read as much as you can. There is no expiration date for success. So many authors I know (myself included) did not make it on the first, second or even third book. But each project teaches us something about ourselves and the stories we need to write. Be humble and stay gracious.
10) Q: Do you have a special time of the day where you like to write? 
A: Anytime! I try not to get too attached to any one particular time of date just because sometimes my schedule is forgiving and other times it is brutal and merciless.
11) Q: Was your english good in school? 
A: I failed English my seventh year. Probably a combination of a teacher I didn’t like and general indifference. In eighth grade, I had a wonderful teacher who inspired me and made me feel confident. Because of her, I began to love English class. Before then, I’d been an avid reader but a below average student.


So that is the end of the interview! I hope that you all enjoyed it and I definitely hope to interview more authors in the future 🙂 Do support the author by picking up her novel if you’re interested, I promise you won’t regret it haha! See you in my next post ❤

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