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#RexdsTagTuesday – Star Wars Book Tag

Hi everyone, welcome back to #RexdsTagTuesday! 🙂 This is a segment whereby I do a different book tag for you all every Tuesday.
The book tag that I’m going to be doing today is the Star Wars Book Tag!! I’m a very big fan of Star Wars and I grew up watching the movies so I’m super excited to do this tag ❤ This was created by Elizabeth from ElizabethPaige on Youtube and I will be linking the video that she did down below. Let’s get started!! 😀
Elizabeth’s Video :
1) R2-D2 : A book that made you laugh out loud
The Martian by Andy Weir! Mark Watney was such a funny and sarcastic character and I absolutely loved his sense of humour 😀
2) Padme Amidala :  Kickbutt female character
Emma Carstairs from Lady Midnight! She’s such a bad-ass female shadowhunter and I love the fighting scenes with her in it omg, she’s just so amazing.
Another kickbutt female character is Annabeth Chase! She’s really wise and brave and she’s definitely one my all-time favourite female characters.
3) Leia Organa : Best or worst love triangle?
Hmm… best love trangle would have to obviously be between Tessa, Will and Jem from The Infernal Devices trilogy. Another love triangle I like is between Feyre, Tamlin and Rhysand ( Is that counted as a love triangle though? Haha ).
4) Luke Skywalker : Rising star author, a new author you’ve discovered and absolutely love
There are so many of them!! I guess my top 3 rising star authors would be Roshani Chokshi, author of The Star-Touched Queen, Renee Ahdieh, author of The Wrath And The Dawn and Susan Dennard, author of Truthwitch! ❤
5) Anakin Skywalker : A book or series that started out well and then became bad
Divergent! The first book was really great but the whole storyline just took a bad turn and went downhill after the sequel :/
6) Qui-Gon Jinn : Worst character death
7) Han Solo : A book with a lot of sass
Vampire Academy, feature Rose Hathaway aka sassiest and most kick-butt female character in the novel
8) Emperor Palpatine- Best world building
A Court Of Thorns And Roses!! It had really beautiful and magical world building. Another book would be The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi! The world building was so intricate and beautiful, and it just felt so real.
9) Ben Kenobi/Obi-Wan Kenobi – A book you went in with low expectations and that blew you away
The Shadow Queen by C.J Redwine AHH! I went into this book with really low expectations because of the mixed reviews I saw on Goodreads but OMG it was so amazing. It was such a fun re-telling with amazing characters and I highly recommend it to everyone 🙂
10) Yoda – A book that taught you something ot that made you grow
Salt To The Sea by Ruta Sepetys. This book taught me to appreciate the life that I’ve been given and it also opened my eyes to the sufferings that people elsewhere go through
11) Darth Vader – Favorite villain
Queen Levana 🙂
I just love her as a villain, no reason needed.
That is all for the Star Wars Book Tag! I hope you all enjoyed it and I tag all of you to do this tag 😀 Have a great week and I’ll see you tomorrow for Top 5 Wednesday!

5 thoughts on “#RexdsTagTuesday – Star Wars Book Tag

  1. QUEEN LEVANA IS THE BEST. I am not kidding. I mean what villain could make me fall in love and hate her at the same time? None other than that sexy beast 😉 (though but I seriously needed to kill her so bad by Winter). Great choices! So many books will be added to my TBR after this 😉 I’ve heard so mch about the infamous Jem, Tessa and Will, I can’t wait to meet them!

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