Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday : Characters You Are Most Like ( 11/05/16 )


Hi everyone! Today’s blogpost is going to be Top 5 Wednesday and the topic for today is ” Characters You Are Most Like. ” 😀 Top 5 Wednesday was first started by Lainey and then handed over to Samantha, and I will leave the links to their channel as well as the Goodreads group down below.
Let’s get started!!
1) Celaena Sardothien from Throne Of Glass
I am obviously not as badass as Celaena, but I’m a person who has a lot of determination and doesn’t give up easily. Celaena is a very driven character with lots of determination in her, and I feel that it’s definitely something we both have in common!


2) Clary Fray from The Mortal Instruments
I chose Clary because she makes very stupid decisions at times, and I also do make stupid decisions at times 😀


3) Mark Watney from The Martian 
Mark is a very humorous and sarcastic character, and my character is somewhat like him. I do love making people laugh ( even though I miserably fail at times ) and I can be a very very very sarcastic person as well 🙂


4) Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter Series
We all know that one of Ron Weasley’s biggest fear is spiders, just like me!! Well, technically I’m afraid of every single non-flying insect but spiders and cockroaches are at the top of my list :/


5) Kestrel from The Winner’s Trilogy
I chose Kestrel because she enjoys playing the piano, and I do too! Unfortunately, I stopped learning piano at Grade 5 because it was tough for me to balance studies and piano, but I know learn piano pieces on my own or play by ear 🙂
That is all for today’s blogpost. Hope you all enjoyed it and have a great week! ❤

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